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Large character valvejet

Large character valvejet printers Markem-Imaje - an economical and effective method of secondary package marking at speed of production line not exceeding 90M/min. Innovative simplicity and flexibility features distinguish the printers of this technology. Coders make it possible to apply alpha-numeric information on a cardboard corrugated box. Markem-Imaje offers different models of large character printers for marking secondary package: "4500" and "4020". Depending on the number of sides that should be marked and the speed of the production line, you can choose a model for your production tasks realization.

Преимущества крупносимвольных принтеров Markem-Imaje:

  • high print quality;
  • the possibility of marking from one, two or three sides of the box;
  • compact printer size for easy integration into production line;
  • quick replace the ink cartridge without stopping the printing process;
  • applying up to 2 lines of alphanumeric information.


  • inks in alcohol in many colors,
  • inks in ethyl acetate,
  • inks in water bases.


  • Corrugate cases.

This technology can be applied at any enterprise and in any brunch where at the end of production process products packing in baskets is necessary with their following marking.