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large character high rezolution piezo

The large character inkjet printer represents the next generation of Touch Dry® Hot Melt technology delivering a superior print quality coding solution for your corrugate cases, trays and wrapping films. The printer, boasting print speeds up to 182 m/min., Codes and images never bleed or fade, dry on contact and deliver 100% readable barcodes. Markem-Imaje offers high resolution printers for secondary package marking. Coders are represented by such models as: 5200, 5400, 5600, 5800.

Преимущества крупносимвольных принтеров Markem-Imaje:

  • marking is applied directly to a corrugated box, which allows you to refuse from additional consumables - labels;
  • high quality print, 100% readability of bar codes, which are not spread, dries instantly, and do not fade with time;
  • the ability to connect simultaneously up to 4 printheads to each printer;
  • the possibility of applying markings from left to right or right to left, and the lateral, upper, front part of the packaging;
  • solid ink hot marking allow to keep the production room clean;
  • ink does not contain harmful solvents, impurities and are completely safe and environmentally friendly;
  • changing of ink cartridges is carried out without interrupting the printing process;
  • compact dimensions allow an easy integration into the production line.