Marking and coding equipment
Medical diagnostic equipment

Small character inkjet

Inkjet printers Markem-Imaje allow to apply by contactless way on all surfaces and on all speeds high-contrast marking of logos, bar codes, production dates, shelf life, and any other alphanumeric information.

A wide range of small character inkjet printers 9000 series Markem-Imaje allows you to choose the encoder that more effectively will complete Your tasks on marking depending on speed characteristics, surface coating and other technological features of Your production.

The advantages of marking ink jet printers Markem-Imaje:
  • high print quality even at high application speeds;
  • possibility of application on different surfaces;
  • low ink and solvent consumption;
  • quick replacement of consumables without stopping the production process;
  • a wide range of ink;
  • longer intervals between recommended maintenance;
  • ease and convenience of equipment integration into production line;
  • reliability.
  • ketone/methyl ethyl ketone based inks,
  • ink not containing ketone and methyl ethyl ketone,
  • alcohol-containing ink,
  • water-based ink.
Marking surfaces:
  • plastics, polymers,
  • glass,
  • metal,
  • paper, cardboard,
  • directly food surfaces
Application markets:
  • all brunches of food industry,
  • drinks,
  • perfumery and cosmetics and medicines,
  • extrusion market (cables & tubes),
  • electrical industry.
The technology of ink jet printing
Inkjet technology is based on the work of a piezoelectric device- resonator. Because of it, ink jet is broken into separate drops. Identical in size, they move along the nozzle, where they receive an electric charge. Then, with the help of deflecting plates, charged drops deviate from the original trajectory for positioning on the printing surface.