Marking and coding equipment
Medical diagnostic equipment

Laser coders

Compact laser coders Markem-Imaje provides continuous, high-quality products marking and allow to apply alphanumeric information, logos, one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes. Print speed reaches 250 m/min (1800 characters/sec). Besides the applying of production dates and barcodes, laser encoders enable you to protect Your products against counterfeiting.

A wide range of SmartLase and 7000 series Markem-Imaje printers will allow you to choose the exact equipment, which solve your tasks of marking depending on the speed characteristics, surface and other technological features of Your production.

Advantages of Markem-Imaje Lazer coders:
  • the possibility of marking a larger area of print;
  • capability of simultaneous marking and line of separation;
  • no consumables;
  • high speed marking;
  • easy to integrate into production line;
  • high coefficient of uninterrupted operation of the equipment;
  • a wide range of models for any industrial brunch;
  • no migration of marking.
  • The key advantage of laser technology is the lack of consumables.
  • plastics, polymers,
  • glass,
  • painted metal,
  • paint coated paper, cardboard.
  • food industry,
  • beverages,
  • cosmetics, toiletries and pharmaceuticals,
  • pipes and cables.

Laser print technology

During printing an invisible light beam is used, generated by CO2 source. This beam is deflected, and then with the help of mirrors passes through the lenses, which makes for it focusing. Light beam allows to burn out on the surface, leaving an indelible image.